September 30

Why Blog For Your Business ?

By Chuck and Susan Kewin

September 30, 2021

Wonder why you should blog for your business?

I was wondering the same thing, “How would blogging grow my business?”

I am new to the world of blogging, and amazed at what I learned when I did some research.

Blogging is all about helping you to be sociable and searchable.

Let’s learn how…

Blogging allows you to capture your audience’s attention with out distractions.

Social media is a very noisy and distracting place. Getting your audience’s attention can be a real challenge.

The beauty of blogging is that you have created a one-on-one space to share your valuable information and services.

Picture meeting someone for coffee and the cell phone is shut off….
No ads popping up…no distractions.

It is digital gone personal.
And people are craving that !

Blogging allows you to connect in a very
personal way for your business.

People are craving honest, authentic relationships more than ever.
They are tired of being sold to and being barraged with ads and “buy my stuff” messages.

Blogging is such an effective way to allow your audience to get to know the unfiltered authentic you.
Which allows for the connections that will help you grow your community.

If you show up, like most do, on social media….not a hair out of place, dressed up and picture perfect…
Do you really think that the mom who is frazzled or the person struggling to just pay the bills, is going to identify with your picture of perfection ?
What do you think ?

Back to the “coffee meet”. Blogging can create a space where your audience can get to know you, like you and trust you enough to “buy into” what you are doing.

Let’s talk about Why People Blog ?

*To share a passion. Blogging opens the door to connect with others that have a similar passion.

*To educate others…and yourself.
As you educate others in those things that you are passionate about, you delve into to work and
educate yourself.

*To gain exposure.
Blogging increases the exposure of your online presence and your business.
This exposure bring traffic that can be converted into leads and customers.

* To build authority in your niche.
People are reading your blog because you have information they see as valuable.
As you become recognized as an authority, it will open up opportunities for exposure.

* Sharing your content. (My personal favorite !)
Your audience is much more likely to share your blog on social media.
Blogs allow you to share tons of content on social media in a non-salesy way.
And a good call to action will send people your way !

Blogging for your business helps your ranking in search engines.

I am learning this as I write this, and it blows my mind,,, and makes we mad that no one explained this to me.

When you go on Google, all the searches are ranked. the first thing you see in the search has the highest ranking.
By using key words you can find your blog in a higher ranking, where people can find you.

When you understand and utilize key words for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will attract attract both customers and information seekers to your business.

Found this blog in a search ? That is proof !

Check out Google Key Word Planner and Answer The Public for some great key word searches.

Your blog is your business is your billboard.

How many of these logos do you recognize? I got 10 out of 15.

Any idea how much money was spent on marketing to get me to recognize those 10?
Perhaps millions?

Sorry to tell these companies that the majority have wasted their money on me !
I do not drink Coke, eat at McDonalds, label shop for shoes or clothing, watch basketball, or spend way too much money on coffee.

Your blog allows you to not have to spend money on advertising. It allows you to attract the attention of those that are looking for you.

With almost 4 BILLION (yes, million with a B), people world wide plugged in to the internet , there has never been a greater opportunity to market yourself, and your business.

The benefits of blogging to grow your business.

*Helps drive directed traffic to you.

  • * No need to buy leads, email lists anymore !

*Ability to repurpose your content for social media.

* Share your blog on social networks to keep your social media presence more active.

All this allows you to be (as my mentor would say)
Sociable and Searchable!

The winning combo is being both sociable and searchable. Blogging is the way to do both!

“Ok, I see what you are saying. How in the world do I start?”

Find a training that will take you step by step through the process.
From start to finish… in a way that even a non techy person (like me) can do it.

You can do your own research and piece together all the pieces. Or, you can do what a friend of mine showed us when she saw how burnt out we were 😵‍💫


Chef Katrina combines years of learning and mentoring in her course.
She has expertly put together what she has learned from years of experience from, well, the experts.
In a way that can be done by a beginner.

Look at me, I am blogging! And you can too!

So pleased and grateful to make this connection with you,
Chuck and Susan Kewin

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Chuck and Susan have a passion for Giving Back, Through the 3 pillars of Giving, Total Health and Entrepreneurship, they help others create a legacy of positive change through giving back to the community.

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