Meet Chuck & Susan – Chuck & Susan Kewin


Chuck and Susan Kewin have reinvented themselves as entrepreneurs. They were introduced to network marketing at a time in their lives when they found themselves totally unprepared for retirement. They are passionate about helping others to achieve success in their business and in life. Faith, family, volunteerism, along with a good dose of humor are vital parts their lives.

Chuck was a “jack of many trades”, Susan was a home-schooling mom of 5. After decades of skilled manual labor, Chuck was looking for options. They were introduced to a line of health products and had amazing results. They were sold on the products, company, and compensation plan and wanted to share it with others and create an income stream.

But they found themselves facing the same struggles that most network marketers face…. Making the list of 100 names, prospecting everyone with a pulse It left them feeling like desperate salesmen, which is not who they are…

While they had some success at first, their team began to dwindle.

The strategies they were told to use were not only not working for them, but it was not working for their downline either. They talked about quitting, but that was not an option.

At their age, and with their lack of skill sets (especially in technology) they knew our work was cut out for them. But after all, network marketing is the great equalizer. They were told that they didn’t need prior experience, their investment was very minimal and they had company and team training! This was their opportunity to own their own business and have the time and financial freedom that they wanted. … but they just couldn’t make it work.

Then came the post that showed up on their Facebook feed, “Do you want to grow your network marketing business without chasing after friends and family, and have leads and business builders coming to you?” Well, heck yes!

You see, Chuck and Susan are all about people and building relationships.

They soon found that this strategy called Attraction Marketing is all about building your business through online strategies that teach you how to be attractive to those that are looking for your products and/or opportunity.

This means that qualified leads are looking for you and your opportunity. If you create value in the market, people will come to you!

This training provides not only the most up to date training and strategies on Social Media, but also mentoring that has proven to be invaluable. They still build their business traditionally but using online strategies has opened their business to a global market!

Chuck and Susan know the power of network marketing, if done strategically and with the right tools.

Their passion is to help others to find the success and freedom that the industry can provide. Helping people reinvent themselves and reach a level of confidence to pursue their dreams is what they are all about. Developing and cultivating relationships is what network marketing is about.

It is what a fulfilling life is all about. They are committed to bring grace and elegance back into this industry, by showing you a better way to grow your business. This is what you are looking for too…connect with them for a FREE consult. They look forward to connecting with you !


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