August 18

Giving Back – What’s In It For You?

By Chuck and Susan Kewin

August 18, 2021

Expanding Connections, Giving Back good for your health, Self confidence, What's in it for you?

We all know that giving back benefits the receiver…

But how does giving back benefit you?

There are so many reasons that giving back can improve not only the lives of those that are on the receiving end….

But let’s talk about the benefits to you!

If you are like us, you may feel like you are a bit unsure (maybe even clueless), as to what skills or abilities you have to offer.

Over eight years ago, we felt like it was time to give back. Our children were grown, and we were no longer going to soccer and basketball games or doing PTA activities. We felt the nudge to “do something” but had no idea what, how or where…

Giving Back Develops Your Self Confidence.

We had no idea what to do or if we had the skills or abilities we would need.
Long story short, we just “happened” to meet a total stranger who had a vision for ending chronic homelessness in our city.

Did we have any idea of what we where getting into? NO ! Have we developed a sense of confidence that we did not have before? You bet !

And this new increase in our self confidence carried over into so many other areas of our lives.
Like blogging 🙂

Giving back has change our perspective from “we are too old” to “we have a life time of experience and wisdom to bring to the table.”

As we have walked out this journey, we have had so many opportunities draw from life experiences. Experiences that are uniquely ours. Experiences that a much younger person simply has not lived through and gained from.

Giving Back Expands Your Connections

We have developed so many meaningful connections in volunteering. Friendships have developed that have truly enriched our lives. These friendships have challenged us to to grow as individuals. Our lives have been truly enriched.

There are times when we honestly feel we have gained so much more then we have given.

It has also provided networking opportunities that have expanded the reach of our influence.
Seeing volunteers come together from different organizations to provide services that we are unable to, has been a beautiful experience.

Connecting with people with a similar passion who have their own life experiences to share, is such an incredible opportunity for personal growth and stretching !

Giving Back Improves Your Health.

  • Giving back is a great mood enhancer. Research has shown lower rates of depression in those that volunteer_ especially in those 65 and older. Having a social support system is a large factor in this.
  • Giving back gives a sense of purpose as well as an opportunity to develop skills. It can truly “birth” skills you did not realize you had.
  • Giving back helps you stay physically and mentally active. This leads to a greater overall sense wellbeing, and a positive outlook.
  • Giving back is a great stress reducer. Time spent serving others will give you a greater sense of appreciation, both given and received.
  • Giving back may help you live longer. A Longitudinal study of aging found that volunteers have lower mortality rates than those who do not.
  • In addition, several studies have found that volunteers who have chronic illnesses, often experience a decrease in pain intensity and depression.
  • check out this Mayo Clinic Blog for more amazing health benefits!

We have personally experienced the benefits and joys of serving our community. It has been life changing. We simply are not the same people we were 8 years ago. And as I have said before…we really do not know who gained the most out of our opportunity to serve.

So pleased and grateful to make this connection with you,
Chuck and Susan Kewin

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About the author

Chuck and Susan have a passion for Giving Back, Through the 3 pillars of Giving, Total Health and Entrepreneurship, they help others create a legacy of positive change through giving back to the community.

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