A Bit About Us 

Hey there!

We are so thrilled to connect with you!
We are Chuck and Susan and we are growing a tribe of individuals that have a vision and passion to be agents of positive change in their community and beyond.  

We do this by focusing on our Three Pillars:
  *Giving Back
    A lifestyle of compassion and empathy. Where can your abilities and vision find a place to serve?
    We will work with you and our community to  help you discover the resources and tools to learn how you can make the biggest impact with your life.

  *Whole-Self Wellness
    We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings. Giving back to others cannot happen if we do not give ourselves     what we need to nourish our whole being.
    We will help you get tools and resources to maximize your overall well being and health.  

   Creating a lifestyle that provides time freedom to Give Back and making an impact in others lives.
   We will be sharing resources and trainings that will help you build your business with unique and innovative
   strategies. These will allow you to create a searchable and sociable presence to grow your business.  

   We have no desire to retire in the traditional sense.  We  have "Refueled" ourselves, and are passionate about giving back to our community. Our vision is to build a community of support, encouragement and growth.
We are looking to create an international tribe of change agents !

Having founded a nonprofit that seeks to end chronic homelessness in our area, we are aware of the time and energy needed to sustain and grow a community organization. 

 Entrepreneurship has provided us with a vehicle to do this.
We have seen what gives digital/network marketing a bad name. Years of training and mentoring have given us a unique perspective in bringing integrity and grace into the marketplace. 

 Providing this to others is a way to continue the vision,

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